Tradition & beneffits

Fenugreek tea is used since ancient times in Mediterranean Europe.

It was widely used to stimulate lactation and besides this, it is used to reduce LDL cholesterol and as a laxative.

The fenugreek tea is a great booster and cleanser for the lymphatic system (hence that ‘curry sweat’ smell sometimes). Drinking fenugreek tea for a few days can help your liver and lymph get rid of sluggish waste. Just be prepared for slightly stronger body odors.


fenugreek tea

The fenugreek tea is easy to prepare at home. You will need to crush one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and soak them into hot water and let the seeds stay there for at least 2 hours.

For greater effect it is recommended to prepare the tea at home instead of buying it from a store, as it has greater effect when the tea is fresh.

For the treatment of metabolism disorders, mix 30g fenugreek, 30g birch, 15g dandelion, 30g stinging nettle; infuse one teaspoon of the mix into a cup of boiling water.

Take two cups daily with 5ml of Swedish Bitters with each cup.

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Be aware! As fenugreak has to be consume with moderation please check also what are the Fenugreek side effects.

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